Instructions for Contributors

For contributors/authors:

This is a WordPress blog, and “authors” on WordPress can post and edit their own posts without approval from a moderator. In contrast, a “contributor” to a WordPress blog must have his or her posts approved. All invitees to this blog will be given the authority of “authors” even though they are listed as “contributors.”

How to post:

  1. Login to WordPress (
  2. Click post/add new post.
  3. Enter a descriptive title.
  4. Paste/type your post (if copying your post from a word processing program, you’ll want to reformat).
  5. Remember to check mark the relevant “categories” for your post, and feel free to add new categories if the current ones aren’t quite right.
  6. If you have a longish post, please split your post so only first part shows on the start page, allowing readers to read the rest only if they click to.  In order to split your post, click at a point after about the second or third paragraph (always choose a point between paragraphs), then click the “insert more” button, which is next to the proofread button (the button with the green check mark).  A line should appear in your draft.
  7. Click “preview” to see what your post will look like. If satisfied, click “publish.”

Please feel free to contact the administrator if you have any questions!